Quartet for the End of Blogs

John Ahern

Baudrillard on Icons

"One can see that the iconoclasts, whom one accuses of disdaining and negating images, were those who accorded them their true value, in contrast to the iconolaters who only saw reflections in them and were content to venerate a filigree God. On the other hand, one...

Reluctance to Speak

It has been a long time since I foisted upon my hapless readers my opinions, screeds, condescending remarks, &c. I have an excuse, but it is a very boring one (it begins with "diss" and rhymes, in both sound and sense, with "consternation"). And so I will make up...

Who Are Our Time Lords?

In Sid Meier's classic game Civilization III, one of the first "technologies" that your chosen civilization must learn is the calendar (which, amusingly, unlocks the ability to build the Stonehenge, even if you happen to be the Chinese or Incas). As a teenager, this...

A Little Coleridge

"In every state, not wholly barbarous, a philosophy, good or bad, there must be. However slightingly it may be the fashion to talk of speculation and theory, as opposed (sillily and nonsensically opposed) to practice, it would not be difficult to prove, that such as...


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