Quartet for the End of Blogs

John Ahern

Children’s Song Books

Given how much I am going on all the time about singing in the home (for instance, recently on the Ad Fontes podcast), a friend has requested a list of recommendations for children's folk song books that one can purchase. I am a novice in this respect, so perhaps I am...

Be Ye Perfect

There are always a few books on the shelf in the bathroom that one grabs in those moments of peaceful, if somewhat uncomfortable, solitude. I am careful to select those books. My rule is that they must be books I ought to be plodding through but can only bring myself...

A Question of Funding

One of the central hypotheses that this blog will explore, over the long haul, is the following: ever since the Reformation, it has been difficult to find ways of funding those activities which, before the Reformation, tended to be funded by monasteries, the...

Music and Makeup

Perhaps you've seen one of those selfies where the person has used software to impose makeup on themselves. They can make their skin glisten and nose narrow and zits invisible. The app in question is probably Facetune, and I've always found it a fascinating name. The...


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