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Theology, Web Exclusives

By Steps and Degrees: A Short Introduction to Preparatory Grace

“Preparatory grace” is a neglected doctrine. It’s time to do something about that.

Pulpit & Pew

The Desert Island Book of the Massachusetts Colony

The first book printed in North America was a copy of the psalms. Why?

Church History, Theology

Unity Across the Chalcedonian Divide?

Does Cyril of Alexandria provide an avenue for Christological unity?


Is Theology Enslaved to Sociological Subtext?

Does sociological analysis have all the explanatory power it often claims?


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Foucault and the Hope of Resurrection

By his integration of literary, archaeological, and liturgical evidence, Stefan brings the doctrine of resurrection down from the realms of ideas and demonstrates the many ways in which it was applied and lived out in the early Church.