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Social Activism and the New Testament

Does the “social justice” turn of some evangelicals line up with New Testament’s approach to societal problems?

Pulpit & Pew

Materialism Old and New

Today, non-material reality is conceivable but not believable. How does the Church perform its mission in such a world?

Politics, Web Exclusives

The Forgotten Political Theology of Thanksgiving

Our politics now makes a vice of thankfulness. How can our political community remain thankful?

Upbuilding Discourses

Bog-Standard Protestantism: A Primer

Conservative Roman Catholic intellectuals are never more likely to make a misstep than when they comment on Protestants or Protestantism. Such comments frequently mar otherwise worthwhile works,...


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Foucault and the Hope of Resurrection

By his integration of literary, archaeological, and liturgical evidence, Stefan brings the doctrine of resurrection down from the realms of ideas and demonstrates the many ways in which it was applied and lived out in the early Church.