Ad Fontes welcomes submissions from all authors, either in print or online.

As a journal of Protestant letters, we primarily publish articles which are in some way grounded in the magisterial Protestant tradition, focussing on theology, philosophy, church history, politics, literature, and culture. 

However, we are a very open journal, and will happily consider any piece if the author can convince us that it’s a good fit for our publication. We are happy to publish more creative pieces, such as poetry and satire, as well as work by authors who are not Protestants themselves but seek to graciously engage with our tradition.

Print Edition

Our print edition is published every quarter, and consists of several long-form essays and book reviews, as well as poems. Print pieces should be between 2000-4000 words.

Print articles will be available online at the time of publication to paid Digital subscribers, and eventually for free to the public once two more print issues have been published.


Our website publishes multiple articles each week. Website pieces should generally be no more than 2000 words, but we are open to quality pieces beyond this length.


If you would like to pitch a submission, please send us a short pitch/summary of your article idea, rather than a complete piece.

Pitches should be sent to our Senior Editor, Rhys Laverty, at


We also accept poetry submissions, for publication either Senior Editor, Rhys Laverty, at¬†Submissions should have the phrase “poem for consideration” in the subject line of the email.

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