To the Fallen

I thought about writing a post today but in light of events in Afghanistan I thought I would do something more simple and simply post the burial rite from the Anglican Church in North America’s 2019 Book of Common Prayer as it would likely be rendered for a fallen Marine who died yesterday.

O Ruler of the universe, Lord God, by the strength of your own arm you have won for us final victory over the power of sin and death: We give you thanks for your servant guarding the airport in Kabul who served as a Marine in the armed forces of our nation, giving of his life for the defense of liberty and the preservation of freedom. Grant to him a place of eternal rest and peace in your eternal dwelling place, that with all the heavenly host, the noble army of martyrs, and all the powers of heaven he may praise your great and glorious Name unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Kyrie eleison


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