Miles Smith

Musings on history, politics, religion, and all the other things we take too seriously in the 21st Century.

The Last Liberal Conservative

Liberal Conservatives in the Nineteenth Century, unlike latter-day libertarians who claim their mantle, understood that institutional might and power played a role in liberal efforts to expand basic civil rights in a broadly conservative order. Liberal conservatism did not mean tearing down the Christian order or Christian socio-political establishments.

Evangelical Elites, Neoliberalism, and World History

This moment in World History has been playing out on a micro level among so-called Evangelical Protestants. Patricians and plebes are emerging into seemingly ossified castes, and the quickest way at present to move into the patrician class is to publicly denounce the strong gods of the plebes.

Christian Micronationalism?

I’ve expended a good bit of intellectual energy recently trying to add nuance to the question of so-called Christian nationalism as it relates to the American republic. I’ve been reading Frédéric de Rougemont’s The Individualists in Church and State over the past few...


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