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Musings on history, politics, religion, and all the other things we take too seriously in the 21st Century.

Anglicans and Education in the Early Republic

Changes in education remain among the most significant alterations in intellectual life in the United States. The growth of colleges and universities from primarily liberal arts and religion institutions into credentialization bodies chiefly aimed at procuring...

The Purity of the Church of England

In 1852 the bishop of Exeter charged his chancellor, E.C. Harington, with preaching on the foundations of the Church of England. Harington used the opportunity to proclaim what he believed were the explicitly apostolic and biblical origins of the English Reformation....

Woodrow Wilson, the Bible, and Liberalism in 2022

In his religious biography of Woodrow Wilson, Barry Hankins notes that Wilson’s father—prominent southern Presbyterian minister and professor Joseph Ruggles Wilson—stated after his son’s election as a ruling elder that "I would rather that he held that position than...

Leithart on empire and Russia/Ukraine

Segments of the Christian right have flirted with a sort of schadenfreude during the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The West, they believe, is so bad and the American regime so benighted that anything must be better. That anything, in this rendering, is the Russian...


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