Brad Littlejohn

In essentials, gravity. In nonessentials, levity. In all things, charity.

The Tyranny of “They Say”

“‘They say,’ is the monarch of this country, in a social sense. No one asks ‘who says it,’ so long as it is believed that ‘they say it.’ Designing men endeavor to persuade the publick, that already ‘they say,’ what these designing men wish to be said, and the publick is only too much disposed blindly to join in the cry of ‘they say.’” (233)

What I’ve Been Writing

Over the past eighteen months, I have been blessed to be free to pursue the vocation of a writer as very few are ever so blessed. However, since I've been writing in so many different fora, several folks have complained that it is hard to keep track of it all. As I'm...

Giving Voice to the Voiceless Creation

Last week, I was honored by the opportunity to address the students, parents, and faculty of Greyfriars Classical School in Matthews, NC for the Convocation to mark the start of their academic year. I thought I'd use this blog to share the text of my talk, which...


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