A Very Nuanced Take on Everything

Whereas we denizens of late modernity are wandering in the fog of the simultaneous global renegotiation of all human custom, and consequently pining for nodal points of orientation, it seems fitting to remind ourselves that it is of the very essence of said “nodes” that they force no ultimate choice betwixt — 

  1. Truth and love,
  2. Mind and will,
  3. Thoughts and feelings,
  4. Son and Spirit, 
  5. Wisdom and goodness,
  6. Existence and essence,
  7. Form and matter, 
  8. Body and soul,
  9. Substance and accident, 
  10. Potency and act, 
  11. Origin and end, 
  12. Metaphysics and history, 
  13. Cult and culture,
  14. Man and world, 
  15. Subject and object, 
  16. Space and time,
  17. One Ousia and Three Hypostasis, 
  18. One Hypostasis and Two Natures, 
  19. One Hypostasis and Two Wills,
  20. Heaven and earth, 
  21. The glory of God and the good of man, 
  22. Hope for the beatific vision, and the grateful anticipation of an embodied reign on the renewed earth,  
  23. The metaphysics of Aquinas and the gospel of Luther,
  24. Justification as a gift given unto simple receiving faith (because of the Righteous One), and the flowering of God’s friendship into a fullness of salvation that is worked out and unfolded over a lifetime,
  25. Full rest in the sovereignty of God to save sinners, and some sense of urgency about the spread of the gospel, 
  26. Becoming more like Christ and growing into yourself, 
  27. Complete rest in He whose burden is light, and moral effort to resist that portion of the soul that craves its own starvation, 
  28. Deference to tradition, and full bravery in the task of understanding afresh, 
  29. Communal religious life and guidance, and individual piety and growth, 
  30. Being strong, and helping those who are weak, 
  31. Being weak, and receiving from the strength of the strong,
  32. A sacramental piety, and a piety of friendship with God in His individual fellowship with each Christian soul,
  33. Natural law and its relative historical inflection,
  34. The objectivity of reality, truth, and morality, and the recognition that humans are still growing in the understanding of these,
  35. The interests and concerns of biblical theologians and the interests and concerns of systematic theologians,
  36. The journey of wisdom and the deployment of maps,
  37. Historical theology and progress in theology,
  38. Ancient Near Eastern vibes and the Greek vibes, 
  39. Second Temple vibes and the early Christian vibes,
  40. Medieval vibes and modern vibes, 
  41. Being a Protestant and being catholic,
  42. Libertarianism and Socialism (choose neither),
  43. Refusal to allow the evaporation of the local, and an open-ended relation to the global, 
  44. Radical concern about human self-ownership and agency, and a realistic vision for a “common good” market economy, 
  45. The interests of men and the interests of women,
  46. The profoundest of eroticism, and a righteous hatred of the eros-suffocating grip of our pornographic culture,
  47. Genuine interest in the flourishing of women and the free and fulfilled deployment of all of their gifts, and a sincere evaluation that much contemporary feminist discourse is rooted in shame (seizing, rather than restoring, female agency),
  48. Genuine desire to fight a civilizational crisis of atrophied masculinity, and the possibility of standing critically within a tradition of masculine performance,
  49. Leading one’s home, and listening to one’s wife,
  50. Being a Queen, and choosing submission to a King,
  51. The care and safety of children, and the expectation that they become independent and self-possessed,
  52. Parental authority and happy easy-going children,
  53. Difficulty in one’s home, and joy and hope in one’s home,
  54. The economic and cultural agency of black people and the economic and cultural agency of white people,
  55. Genuine concern about racism in all of its dimensions, and sincere alarm at the vast majority of public race discourse,
  56. Genuine concern about sinful attitudes toward gay persons, but also a sincere love which necessarily desires freedom from homosexuality and all besetting sins, 
  57. Vanilla Ice & M.C. Hammer (choose neither),
  58. Minimizing or exaggerating the evil of cop violence, and minimizing or exaggerating the evil of riots,
  59. Thinking someone is wrong about many of the above subjects, and thinking that they are wrong for the worst possible reasons, 
  60. Resilient human communities in small towns, and resilient human communities in suburbs and cities,
  61. The Creation Mandate, and the Great Commission, 
  62. The wider culture as a mission, and the local county as a mission, 
  63. Moscow and Manhattan (let the reader understand),
  64. The conviction that Genesis 1-11 is about real events in space and time, and the conviction that Genesis 1-11 may be about these events in ways that require a growth in imagination to grasp, 
  65. Explaining history on a sociological vector, and explaining history on an angel/demon register, 
  66. Fighting to end what is cancerous to civilization, and refusing preemptive revolution, 
  67. Fighting the agenda of some neighbors, but recognizing that they have some rightful claim to shape the common good in our polity,
  68. Fighting dangerous people, and seeking always to offer them friendship and peace, 
  69. Forceful speech, and speech seasoned with grace,
  70. Just war and Christian love for enemies,
  71. Being a son of the entire Christian heritage, and being a classical Protestant, 
  72. Being a classical Protestant and being a low church evangelical, 
  73. Understanding the role that Protestant intellectual culture played in the development of the American settlement, and understanding the role that more radical philosophies had on early American culture, 
  74. Possessing a filial piety for one’s nation and her history, while also lamenting her sins, 
  75. Being realistic about those sins, and refusing their rhetorical exploitation,
  76. The Godfather Part 1 & The Godfather Part 2 (they are one),
  77. Believing the trans (and abortion) agenda to be extremely harmful to young persons and to civilization, and refusing to demonize all who fall under its spell, 
  78. Between trying to win, and believing ourselves under the burden of winning all cultural or political battles at all costs, 
  79. Receiving vibes that offer no peace and negotiation, and returning unto them vibes that do offer peace and negotiation, 
  80. Being misinterpreted, and letting love cover a multitude of sins, 
  81. Disagreeing about guns, and seeking to stay united and build upon what is common,
  82. Making common cause with co-belligerents, and refusing any crass and willful tribalism,
  83. Being patient, kind, and untriggered – and still beating the Nazis and Communists, 
  84. Bearing, believing, and hoping all things – and still beating those Nazis and Communists, 
  85. Having the fruit of the Spirit, and also beating the Nazis and Communists, 
  86. Judging with mercy and with poverty of spirit, and (yes) still beating those darned Nazis and Communists, 
  87. Pointing out bad and dangerous ideas, and refusing to automatically call everyone a Nazi or a Communist, 
  88. Recognizing certain dangerous cultural trends, and pretending that any of us can easily see the whole, 
  89. Profound hope and profound realism.
  90. Being in a world of sorrows, and full of joy, 
  91. Mourning and feasting, 
  92. Weakness and strength, 
  93. Thinking two things are dumb, and thinking one is dumber than the other,
  94. Thinking someone is dangerous, and still seeking to win them to the project of co-rulership,
  95. Folk and Hip Hop,
  96. Classical and Jazz,
  97. Novel and Film,
  98. Thinking Alex Jones is crazy, and also moderately entertaining,
  99. Being winsome, and punching someone in the face,
  100. Or between the Good, the True, and the Beautiful,

— and therefore, immunizing ourselves against the predictable pressures of the times, let us clean the cobwebs out of our imaginings, and dismiss all whisperings otherwise.


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