“I Distinguish!”: A Poem on Pseudoscholastic Abortion Arcana

Recently, the President of the United States denied that he supported the “right” to abortion on demand, insisting that Roe v. Wade only conferred such a “right” for “three trimesters.”

This is very subtle, comparable to suggesting that one does not believe in higher taxes, only that taxes should be greater in quantity than they are at present; or that one does not favor the designated hitter, he only insists that pitchers not bat and that the extra spot in the lineup be filled by a batter who doesn’t play in the field.

I was intrigued enough by this style of disputation that I wrote an epigram about it. Hope you enjoy.

"I Distinguish!"

"Abortion on demand"? No way!
That's such a silly thing to say.
For killing babies, there are rules.
Three trimesters, that's it, you ghouls!


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