Bucer to Bullinger (8): On a Council

After a brief hiatus, we are back with the next section of Bucer’s letter to Bullinger and Jud, this one on Christendom and councils, of no little relevance to ongoing debates about church and state. This is the first of two posts on this topic.

Bucer on a Council

Concerning a council: A long time ago, under the godly princes Constantine and his successors, the Lord used the deliberations of sacred synods to establish his church and repress the madness of heretics who had previously grown strong. What if the Lord should grant this favor to us too? As things now stand as of very recently, all the princes of Germany who are in the north have allowed the public preaching of the gospel, and it is no distant prospect that all the realm of Denmark will submit to Christian the Younger (Christian III), a most godly prince; for recently he he nearly wiped out an entire army of his enemies. If the Lord gives him peace, he will consecrate his whole realm to Christ. This the ruler of Sweden did a long time ago; now the rulers of England and Scotland, kings of no mean power, do as well.


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